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New From Porcelain Raft: Permanent Signal, Check Out A Preview

New From Porcelain Raft: Permanent Signal, Check Out A Preview

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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June 19, 2013
Indietronic dream pop orchestrator Porcelain Raft, a.k.a. Mauro Remiddi is readying Permanent Signal, a new album of material for release on Aug. 2th via Secretly Canadian . It's an album named or the way that Mauro had been living while in a constant state of touring, making the comparison of detachment to the sound a land-line phone make when it's been off the hook far while.

“In a way, growing up in Italy, then living for 12 years in London, and now two and a half years in New York, made me realize that I have some dear friends I rarely see. I was touring almost non-stop for eight months and I started having these imaginary conversations in my head with people I wanted to communicate with, but for one reason or another it couldn’t happen. This is where the album title came from: the idea of a signal that says the line is off," he said. Check out the album preview and details below.

Porcelain Raft | Permanent Signal | Tracklist
01. Think Of The Ocean
02. Cluster
03. Minor Pleasure
04. Open Letter
05. Night Birds
06. It Ain't Over
07. I Lost Connection
08. Warehouse
09.The Way Out
10. Five Minutes From Now
11. Echo

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