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DJ Spooky Just Released His New Album as Free Download

DJ Spooky Just Released His New Album as Free Download

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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June 24, 2013

The open-minded technocrat and DJ / artist / author DJ Spooky just announced that his new album Of Water and Ice is available as a free download from Jamendo.com, a streaming music site that includes free downloads as a distribution platform with Creative Commons licenses. Check out the album in the player below or download your own copy here.

"I've worked with people like Lawrence Lessig (co-founder of CreativeCommons) and Cory Doctorow (author and open-source activist). The open source movement is crucial to get people to understand how network culture works. We live in the era of unfinished work-all is remix and all is free.You just have to see music and art like this: nobody owns ideas. That's how you find new audiences. It's all about having good ideas."

DJ Spooky rose to prominence in the 1990's New York scene, before spreading out to be a more globe-trotting DJ. Then he widened into art, publishing books and magazines and the guest-speaker circuit. He's worked over time spread new ideas and knowledge, while creating and disseminating art at the same time.

"I'm inspired mostly by technology and how we make tools for a radically changing environment", says Miller. "My projects span from music, art, science, and literature. Nothing is separate. All is connected...That's what my residency at The Metropolitan Museum is about and that's why I'm doing this project with Jamendo."

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