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Listen to Dntel - “Karen 05” - MP3 Download

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June 26, 2013
Dntel has been on a tear lately, burning up Soundcloud with various outtakes and previously unreleased material. Today's installment is the MP3 for the song "Karen 05," an outtake from the Dumb Luck sessions in 2005. The song is pure Dntel, a perfect cocktail of electronic music with indie rock influences, looped and with ambient keyboards layered in ans a glitchy background beat.

Recent other Dntel offerings include the “Threaper” and “Kids”  MP3s and “Cave Mouth.”  “Cave Mouth” has an ambient glitch feel to it as it warbles across your speakers, unwinding a looped melody as a steady and tinny beat floats on top. “Kids,” is a minimal techno stab, loopy and indulgent. “Threaper” features a similar warbly approach as “Cave Mouth,” but also uses an 8-bit chiptune sound to give it an almost retro video game soundtrack appeal.

Jimmy Tamborello mentioned in a recent interview  that he had some pieces of music floating around that he’d worked on, so many he’s just beginning to unload some of those and make them public. Check out more MP3 downloads on the Spacelab Media Player.

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Listen to Dntel - “Karen 05” - MP3 Download

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