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Sigur Ros Live Stream Is About To Go Live, Stream It Here

Sigur Ros Live Stream Is About To Go Live, Stream It Here

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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June 26, 2013

The Sigur Ros live stream is about to go live at The Boiler Room Berlin. If the Boiler Room live stream is available as a live video feed, we'll run the live stream here on this page. If not, you can check out the Sigur Ros live stream here. This is a quickly put together performance, or at least announced shortly beforehand. Word dropped yesterday that Sigur Ros and friends would be performing as Triple Nipple to do a live DJ set, and it looks instruments will be involved as well.

LIVE STREAM: Sigur Ros & Friends - Boiler Room

The Sigur Ros Boiler Room live stream happens from Berlin, Germany and happens from 8 PM– 12 AM CET (check out the time conversion here). The Triple Nipple group of people includes "sigrun jonsdottir, the band’s trombone-wielding authority on baltimore club. guitarist kjartan holm, meanwhile, pitches in with some minimal hip-hop, orri with some dubstep and, yes, you’ve guessed it, jonsi brings the extensive cheeseboard." The Boiler Room site also mentions Thomas Fehlmann, Emika, Oake, and Marius Reisser.

Here's yesterday's news about the Sigur Ros live stream, along with the band's announcement. Use the live Twitter feed below to be a part of the live online discussion:

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