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Spacelab Weekend: Juan Atkins Interview


By: Corey Tate
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June 28, 2013


Get schooled by electronic music mastermind Juan Atkins. He talks about how he came up in the early days through his Cybotron collaboration, being the guy who was " breathing soul into the machines," and switching from the electro-funk movement of the 70's to the more modern experimental techno sound with Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Eddie Flashin Fowlkes. This was the birth of techno as we know it today, minimal, beat-oriented and futuristic in all of its glory. The rest is history, this is why variants of techno split into a million different genres: big beat, drum n' bass, house, jungle, trance, ambient, and on and on and on. Detroit techno was the template and everything else was derived from that template.Check out more streaming music on the Spacelab Media Player, including these channels: Spacelab Weekend, Interviews.

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01 - Clear - Cybotron Fantasy
02 Cosmic Raindance - Cybotron Fantasy
03 Alleys Of Your Mind - Cybotron Fantasy
04 Cosmic Cars - Cybotron Fantasy
05 No UFOs Model 500 - Metroplex
06 Future Model 500 - Metroplex
07 Nightdrive (Thru Babylon) Model 500 - Metroplex
08 Untitled X-Ray - Transmat
09 Off To Battle Model 500 - Metroplex
10 The Chase (Juan’s Mix) Model 500 - Metroplex
11 Jazz Is The Teacher (Magic Juan Edit) 3MB feat. Magic Juan Atkins - Tresor
12 Techno Por Favor Infiniti 10 / - Virgin
13 Game One Infiniti - Metroplex
14 Sunlight Infiniti - Peacefrog
15 The Flow (Original Mix) Model 500 - R&S
16 I Wanna Be There (Edit) Model 500 - R&S
17 Ocean To Ocean (Vocal Mix) Model 500 - Transmat

Spacelab Weekend: Juan Atkins Interview

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Artist: Juan Atkins
Album: Interviews and Performances
Media type: Red Bull Music Academy Radio

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