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New Deadmau5 Tracks: “Suckfest9001” and “You There?” Via Twitter and Soundcloud - Streaming Music

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July 1, 2013

Deadmau5 is back in action with two new songs: ‘suckfest9001” and “you there?” They were released via the deadmau5 Soundcloud as streaming music, with the announcement rolling out on the deadmau5 Twitter with the quote “I have a new track for you guys! ill post it as soon as i'm able. Just off to a desert to set of a high volume of explosives. seriously.” Now that he and Kat Von D are over with, he’s back releasing music and explosions and stuff. After said explosions, the music came to life and is the dead-on Deadmau5 song execution we’ve come to expect. “You There?” is a steady banger with a relentlessly driving rhytm and “Suckfest9001” has nice build to it.


As for a deadmau5 tour for the Summer, there’s only two dates listed: his Veld Festival in Toronto and the Made In Amerca Festival in Philadelphia, both in November. The deadmau5 head should be alive and well for those shows, also check out the deadmau5 Ultra 2013 appearance for more of what happens he plays live, button-pushing or not. Check out more streaming music on the Spacelab Media Player.



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