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Xbox Music App Launch Set to Happen This Week, Including Android and iPhone

Xbox Music App Launch Set to Happen This Week, Including Android and iPhone


By: Corey Tate
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July 1, 2013


UPDATE: Xbox Music went live this morning! Dive in and check it out.


Microsoft should be releasing Xbox Music this week, meaning that anyone can go to music.xbox.com and use Xbox Music as a streaming music service. It was originally launched solely on the Xbox 360, as well as Windows Phone 8 last year. In theory, the new version can be an iOS app  version for iPhone and iPad as well as an Xbox Music for Android, even if it’s not a dedicated app. It’s not clear how much the Xbox Music Store will be a part of the web-based Xbox Music. The Xbox Music app should also get an update as well, to go with the release of Windows 8.1.

The new Xbox Music update includes a Pandora Radio-like feature that does the Pandora dance of creating a self-styled station around an artist or or song. This has been a big catch-up feature this year, with Rdio doing it as well as the promise of iTunes Radio having the same feature. Streaming music services come and go, but Pandora and it's most basic feature continue to thrive.

Another new interesting Xbox Music feature is the ability to turn a web page into a playlist, which although is not part of the new Xbox Music is slated to be added later this year. A feature in Internet Explorer will allow you to turn the music talked about on whatever place you're visiting on the web and it will scan the music mentioned there and automagically turn it into an Xbox Music playlist.


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