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Twitter Music For iPad and iPhone Gets A Genre Update, Still No Android App

Twitter Music For iPad and iPhone Gets A Genre Update, Still No Android App


By: Corey Tate
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July 2, 2013


The Twitter Music app for iOS (meaning iPad and iPhone) has expanded its service to include the ability to filter by music genre, meaning that genres like alternative, dance, folk, electronic, rock and more can be used to filter your Twitter music experience. The Twitter iOS app is really just an iPhone app that gets rescaled as an iPad app, meaning that they really have only built the iPhone app so far. Still, it gives you the Twitter Music experience in either environments.


According to Engadget, the Twitter Music iOS app will also have deeper Rdio integration, saying "The new version 1.1 update also lets users now authenticate Rdio from within the app -- no more linking out to Safari -- and irons out some known bugs, too." Still no word on when a dedicated Twitter Music Android app will arrive, but they'd be crazy not to offer Twitter Music to such a large audience. It's at music.twitter.com, so Android people can always go there and still get the Twitter Music service experience.


As far as a review of the user experience, Twitter Music is still just an average music discovery service. Music discovery and the throng of streaming music services out there right now are proving that it’s a tough game of trying to expand beyond more than just a music player with a few social media and search capabilities with playlists. Jimmy Iovine spoke to Walt Mossberg earlier this year at the All Things D conference about the need to bring curation into the experience as something new, something that Pandora Radio does to an extent via its Music Genome Project. Still, we seem to be at a sticking point right now when it comes to streaming music services.

The Twitter Music app launched back in April, as a free app with all things music. It has a more visual layout than the usual Twitter timeline, a dominant trend this year in web design. It brings in your social network in by using Tweets from people and artists you follow, you can use the Twitter music player to play music from these artists without leaving the page. It’s powered by Twitter search, so that the app can tap into the powerful search capabilities that Twitter has. The hashtag plays a big role in this, you can even tweet what you're playing with the ever-popular #nowplaying hashtag.

It's tightly integrated with iTunes, playing the song as an iTunes preview and letting you connect to buy the song or album. You can also switch to complete song mode if you don't want the preview mode. You can choose Spotify or Rdio as your default streaming music service for playback.



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