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Apple iPad 5 Release Date Rumors Suggest October For Your New iPad (UPDATED)

Apple iPad 5 Release Date Rumors Suggest October For Your New iPad (UPDATED)


By: Corey Tate
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July 7, 2013


The latest news and rumors on the Apple iPad 5 release date are moving towards an October release, inline with what happened last year. This looks to be the new release schedule for Apple products in the post-Steve jobs era. There also looks to be a thronging horde of new Apple products with new features in the works, so an iPad 5 release should be part of the new “army” of products. Whether a new iPad 5 price arrives is certain to be subject of many iPad rumors and news in the coming months.


iPad 5 Release Date

The iPad release date is likely to be in October/November, as the announcement was on Oct 23rd and the iPad release date was Nov 2nd last year. IBT is looking at roughly the same timetable as well, offering “we believe Apple will introduce the iPad 5 at a separate event in October, just like last year, and push the release date of the iPad 5, as well as the sequel to last year’s iPad Mini, to late October 2013.” This would make the new iPad 5 release doable for the holidays, giving the iPad enough to time gain momentum and awareness before the holidaze.


New iPad 5 Price

The new iPad 5 price is likely not to change since Apple rarely changes the iPad price, This might make the price for iPad buyers more out of reach. The cost of an iPad 5 is far from free, but the iPad Mini offers a more affordable option and a more travelable version. Right now the iPad price is $500 - $800 in WiFi only and $630 - $930 for the additional feature of being able to connect outside of WiFi hotspots. iPad prices might be insanely high, but the payoff is worth it, stop by an Apple Store and take it for a spin. It’s a great device for media consumption and web browsing. Twitter and Twitter Music are pretty hot too.


iPad 5 Rumors

The iPad 5 rumors are thin at the moment, but a general consensus is that the new iPad 5 will look and act a lot more like the last  iPad Mini. We can always make these guesses about any new iPad release: it will be lighter, thinner and faster, so we know to expect that. Other new iPad features are possible though: new LCD technology is likely to make the iPad screen brighter and more saturated while decreasing the demand on the battery. This will be the first iPad release with iOS 7, so the new interactive playground that iOS7 provides might be one of the main selling points.  The new iTunes Radio will be part of that, and if the chatter is right, a new Apple TV offering with access to TV shows and movies in a new way looks like it might make it to this release. We should be looking at 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB versions.

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