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Rhapsody Music App Gets Free Windows 8 Download

Rhapsody Music App Gets Free Windows 8 Download


By: Corey Tate
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July 8, 2013


One of the surprises of this Summer is turning out to be Windows 8, which the tech press panned hard, but users are picking up. More importantly, apps are start to happen, something that Android is still hit and miss on. Take the new Rhapsody app for Windows 8 for example, it’s a free download and let’s you start a Rhapsody Music trial right away and might be good reason to upgrade to Windows 8.

Rhapsody launched it at the recent Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference, saying “the Rhapsody app for Windows 8 features deep search integration, snap mode for easy multitasking and pinning for quick and easy access to music.” The Rhapsody download is available now.

If you’re asking yourself “What is Windows 8?” and more importantly “Why should I care?” It’s Microsoft’s big grab at defining the future experience of mobile phones and tablets through a visual experience. It’s a big jump forward. If you’re asking “what is Rhapsody?” then read on.

The Rhapsody trial goes for 14 days and then asks you to sign in for a Rhapsody subscription, and since Rhapsody is not one of those free music sites that offer ad-supported but free streaming music, you’ll have to get a Rhapsody subscription and sign in to keep the music alive. It seems worth it though, out the four big streaming music services (the others being Spotify, Rdio and MOG) Rhapsody has been around the longest and trails only Spotify for subscriber count. It does give you the same general set of options though: playlists, play albums or songs artists on the fly when you want, use it on your phone, tablet and computer.

So maybe this will be the story for Windows 8? Android’s advantage is that it’s a platform, but that’s also its disadvantage because each phone and tablet release is for a small group of people rather than the collective Android nation. Apple and Windows 8 both feature a more straight-up and short list of products, which allows their communities to get excited and make a lot of noise with each new release. The advantage to Windows 8 is that so far, it’s the only true consistent user experience from computer to to tablet to mobile phone. Some come close, but their desktop/laptop experience is usually different. I’m no fan of Microsoft, but I have to admit that they seem to have the right forward vision on Windows 8. The Rhapsody app can tap into that vibe and give you non-stop streaming music on all of your devices.


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