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New Spotify App for Windows Phone 8 Launches On The Fast-Growing Windows Phone

New Spotify App for Windows Phone 8 Launches On The Fast-Growing Windows Phone


By: Corey Tate
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July 9, 2013


Following quickly on the heels of the recent Rhapsody Windows 8 App upgrade, streaming music service Spotify also just updated the Spotify Windows Phone 8 app for download. They've added track scrubbing, which seems like a major oversight since it wasn't included in the previous version. Scrubbing is when you move back and forth in the timeline of a song to rewind a part. Also in the new Spotify Windows 8 app are offline playlist improvements and support for 19 new languages ... so that Spotify can take over the world. It’s one of the four major streaming music services (the others being Rhapsody, Rdio and MOG).

The first announcement was made by Joe Belfiore, who’s in charge of the group handling Windows Phone product definition & design, and the appp was later added to the Windows 8 download store. So if you're a Windows Phone 8 person ... your music world is expanding fast. In addition to the new Spotify Windows Phone 8 app and the recent Rhapsody Windows Phone 8 app, there's also Xbox Music,  making it a rapidly expanding platform for streaming music services.

If you’re asking yourself “What is Windows 8,” it’s Microsoft’s big grab at defining the future experience of mobile phones and tablets through a visual experience. It’s a big jump forward. And Windows Phone 8 is now becoming a rapidly expanding bunch of options for streaming music services, which might be good reason to upgrade to Windows 8. The advantage to Windows 8 is that so far, it’s the only true consistent user experience from computer to to tablet to mobile phone. Apple and Android still don’t have that experience from phone to tablet to computer.




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