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Man Man Wants You ... To Like Them. Really Like Them

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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July 9, 2013

Post-rock, indie rock ... whatever you want to call Man Man, their new album will be "stripped to its core and rebuilt as something new" according to Anti- Records. They changed up the way that they write songs, and are hoping to reshape the sound of the band as a result. “With this album we got to do something that very few bands or creative people get to do which is a reboot, and one that feels natural,” said Honus Honus a.k.a. Ryan Kattner, the band's frontman.


The new Man Man album is called On Oni Pond, and will be released on Anti-Records on Sept. 10. It looks like the band doesn't want a drive-by fling with you though, based on one-off digital singles or the short-burst mindshare that bands go for these days. They want commitment.

“This is a strange and beautiful record but it’s also head on and fearless. It's not a record that's going to flirt with you, this is a record that's asking you out. If you get into bed with us there's going to be a relationship.”

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