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Mudhoney on Jimmy Fallon

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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July 10, 2013

Mudhoney were on Jimmy Fallon last night, performing the song "I Like It Small." It’s the from Vanishing Point, an album that shows the band having as much resiliency any of the original crop of Seattle bands that came up in the alterna-90’s. "Chardonnay" is reminiscent of the west coast skate punk that dominated the thrash punk scene in the 80’s the kind that you’d hear as a backdrop to skateboard videos from Powell & Peralta as people flew around half pipe ramps with no fear. Vanishing Point is out now on Sub Pop Records.

Jeff Daily reviewed the album Vanishing Point and said ""I Like it Small" and the jolt of a jam "Chardonnay" prove that the guys in mud haven't let middle age slow them down. They sound filthy, funky, and (as usual for these Seattleites) like they're having fun (check: "Douchebags on Parade"). When they bring their mayhem to the stage, I can definitely hear the songs on Vanishing Point recklessly colliding with older classics."

For more Mudhoney action, try the MP3 for "Chardonnay," or the music video for "I Like It Small," or the Mudhoney interview from Dirty Laundry TV.

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