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deadmau5 Soundcloud Overload:  “Omnifck” - Does This Mean A New Album?

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July 16, 2013

deadmau5 has been kickin out the jams on the deadmau5 soundcloud lately, his latest effort includes the song “Omnifck.” I don't know if this all adds up a new deadmau5 album or if he’s just goin' off on the the demo tracks ... his genre tags are  mockingly cited as demostep and fckstep, so either he's having fun with all of us or just getting into a new experimental demo phase to try out new ideas. Either way, the deadmau5 soundcloud is quickly becoming a hotbed of new chill sounds.


Moving in a new direction, the latest tracks are all on the downtempo and on the chill side. If you're looking to see deadmau5 live, his only upcoming dates are his Veld Festival in Toronto and the Made In America Festival in Philadelphia, both in November.

Also check out his other new deadmau5 soundcloud tracks with “Suite 02” and “Suite 04b.” He recently also released the songs “Suckfest9001” and “You There?”, and he went his usual route of dropping word first on the  deadmau5 Twitter before going public with it on the deadmau5 Soundcloud. Check out the deadmau5 Ultra Music Festival 2013 appearance for more of what happens when he plays live.


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