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Bleached Gets Interviewed By Katy Goodman on Dirty Laundry TV

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July 17, 2013

Occasional Dirty Laundry TV host Katy Goodman interviews indie garage punk band Bleached, and they talk about security guard run-ins at SXSW, guys that take off their pants at Bleached shows, and everyone compares tattoos. Bleached is a band created by Jennifer and Jessica Clavin, who used to be in the punk band Mika Miko. Katy Goodman is from La Sera and Vivian Girls.

Check out more great interviews and live performances  at DirtyLaundry.TV. The site is based out of Los Angeles and does frequent interviews with touring bands as they pass through LA. Check out more music videos on the Spacelab Media Player, including interviews.

Bleached Gets Interviewed By Katy Goodman on Dirty Laundry TV

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