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Pretty Lights on Conan O'Brien - Video


By: Corey Tate
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July 18, 2013


Pretty Lights was all over Conan O' Brien last night with Talib Kweli, who Team Coco is calling the "Starsky and Hutch of music." That sounds about right. They were performing the song “Around The Block” from the new Pretty Lights album A Color Map of the Sun. Button-pushing this is not, as Derek Vincent Smith a.k.a. Pretty Lights set out to do something new with this album ... He wanted to capture a live performance and electronic music, combined with live instruments and a deep soul influence to give us something that's really never been done before. I can't wait to see this performed live.

A Color Map of the Sun saw Pretty Lights cutting his own vinyl to use in live playback to record other tracks, rotating musicians in and out the studio to improvise live with PL acting as the conductor, and doing a “modern production album created completely with gear and hardware that existed 40 years ago.”


Check out a short Pretty Lights documentary to see what went down when the Denver musician traveled to Brooklyn to record his album. The album is out now on Derek’s own Pretty Lights Music.


Pretty Lights

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Pretty Lights on Conan O'Brien - Video


Big Data:
Directed by: Conan O'Brien

Pretty Lights

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