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Spacelab Retrograde: Roni Size - New Forms


By: Corey Tate
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July 18, 2013


Few albums were as redefining as New Forms from Roni Size and Reprazent. Although it was largely seen as a drum and bass affair, the use of old school jazz samples juxtaposed against the modern and even futuristic sounds on New Forms held tight, as a new school playbook for electronic music at the time. Roni Size was awarded Britain's Mercury Prize and the album cemented his future as a DJ / producer. It was jazz ... it was hip hop ... it was drum and bass ... it was R n B ... it was industrial ... It was all of these things and more, and they all blended so seamlessly together.



Disc One
1. - "Railing"
2. - "Brown Paper Bag"
3. - "New Forms"
4. - "Let's Get It On"
5. - "Digital"
6. - "Matter of Fact"
7. - "Mad Cat"
8. - "Heroes"
9. - "Share the Fall
10. - "Watching Windows"
11. - "Beatbox"
12. - "Morse Code"
13. - "Destination"


Disc Two
1. - "Intro"
2. - "Hi-Potent"
3. - "Trust Me"
4. - "Change My Life"
5. - "Share the Fall"
6. - "Down"
7. - "Jazz"
8. - "Hot Stuff"
9. - "Ballet Dance"
10. - "Electricks"



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Spacelab Retrograde: Roni Size - New Forms

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