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New Moby Video Goes Eyes Wide Shut, As He Wraps Up His New Innocents Album

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July 21, 2013

New Moby music arrives this Fall, and he’s just released a new Moby video for the song “A Case For Shame.” It highlights his collaboration with Cold Specks and shows Moby floating underwater in a robe, in sort of a trans-meditative state. Call it a Moby wrap for Moby, if you will.  Another person floats underwater with him, looking at him through a bear mask. There  are others standing around the edge of the pool in masks as well, giving the "A Case For Shame" video a definite Eyes Wide Shut appeal. This is more chill than the movie though, and in the end they're all left looking at a placid mobe in meditation.

“’A Case For Shame' is the first video I've shot and directed for one of my songs, as in addition to directing I was also the camera person. The video narrative is as follows: I've drowned, and I've gone to an after-life inhabited by people who are concealing themselves because of shame.

The masks are not meant to be conventionally frightening, the masks and sheets are being worn because the after-life people are hiding, because they're ashamed," said Moby about the direction of the video.

He's gone the collaboration route by bringing in Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips), Mark Lanegan, Cold Specks, Skylar Grey and Mark Stent. The new Moby album is called Innocents and the release date is Oct. 1 on Mute Records. It features a lo-fi sound based around analog equipment, hoping to escape the lifeless compressed sound that embodies a lot of electronic music today.

"I spend most of my time alone in my studio, so for Innocents it seemed like a really nice idea to involve other people in the making of the record.  Working with all of these collaborators has helped me to make a record that I'm very proud of, and working this way also gave me some semblance of a social life…" said Moby.




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