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All You Spotify Crybabies Need To Stop Whining!

All You Spotify Crybabies Need To Stop Whining!


By: Corey Tate
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July 22, 2013


All you Spotify crybabies need to stop blaming Spotify if your music isn't happening. Nobody seemed to be whining about FM radio royalties, EVEN THOUGH THEY NEVER PAID ANYTHING TO YOU EVER. Now that Spotify music royalties don't measure up to MP3 download royalties, everyone wants to target the Spotify app as some demon of the music underworld, robbing you of money you've never made. Spotify royalties may be small, but they're more than you were getting before from radio airplay.

We're in a streaming music world now where you get paid by performance, not by the fake, old world value like in the last century. Back then, people bought your overpriced CD for $15, giving you a massive up-front payment. And the truth? They went home, listened to it once, and never really came back for another listen with the exception of a few songs (READ: one song) that maybe made it to a mixtape, burned CD compilation, or was made into an MP3 file that lived on their iPod (in the 2000's). But you never knew that, did you? Because they paid you 15 bucks and you had no idea that they didn't really like your music that much!

Now comes the Spotify world, where you get to see exactly how much your music REALLY gets played, (READ: hardly ever) and you read a bunch of music blogs that are posting linkbait about every new artist that yanks their music from Spotify. And you fall under the spell of the stampede, blindly following the herd.

Spotify isn't meant to offset downloads or replace CD sales, they're meant to encourage them. And if people aren't buying what you're selling, then they don't like your music (READ: don't quit your dayjob, maybe get two of them). Or they've never heard of you, which might be a good reason to get on Spotify in the first place, don't you think?

You're a tree in a massive forest and you're pissed off that nobody wants to come and see your tree. Maybe you could get on Spotify, Rdio, MOG, Rhapsody, BitTorrent, YouTube and every last place you can find to start promoting awareness of your band. THEN you can start trying to give fans a reason to buy your music or come to your shows.



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