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New Nightmares on Wax: Good Times From Ibiza

New Nightmares on Wax: Good Times From Ibiza

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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July 24, 2013

Nightmares on Wax guy George Evelyn has been hosting Wax Da Jam at Ibiza’s oldest club Las Dalias, and his time there has had a big impact on his new album Feelin' Good. Check out the funk, soul and reggae/dub impact on the new song "Now Is the Time," a good time beat-influence that packages up the vibe of the whole album. It arrives on Sept. 17 from Warp Records, and contributions include Sebastian Studnitzky, Robin Taylor-Firth, Wolfgang Haffner, Paul Powell, Shovell - The Drum Warrior and Mozez.

“I come from the city but sunshine is in my music... It was always a natural dream to make music in the sun like I do now,” said George Evelyn. He's even using the Twitter hashtag #feelingood and is reposting Tweets with the hashtag on his new website.


If you have any video shot on your mobile phone or any other camera from a Nightmares on Wax show, Warp Records wants to hear from you.

And the impact from the club thing at Ibiza? “It’s been pivotal to my music making, and also made me think about the new concept of my live show. I’ve done the full band thing and the sound system thing and now I really want to marry the two and to do so with a real live percussive edge.”



Nightmares On Wax - Feelin' Good

01 So Here We Are

02 Be, I Do

03 Master Plan

04 Luna 2 feat. Wolfgang Haffner

05 Now is The Time

06 Give Thx

07 Eye (Can't See)

08 Tapestry

09 There 4u

10 Om Sweet H(Om)e



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