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iPhone 5s Release Date Offers 2 New iPhones: Which One Will You Buy?

iPhone 5s Release Date Offers 2 New iPhones: Which One Will You Buy?


By: Corey Tate
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July 28, 2013


Your new iPhone is looking good for this Fall, and if this week’s news and/or rumors hold true you’ll have a choice of buying an iPhone 5s or a cheaper iPhone lite. The iPhone 5s release date is locking up around early September and will include the new Apple iOS7 and iTunes Radio.


iPhone 5s Release Date

The iPhone 5s release date rumors have moved back and forth, the latest is focusing in on Sept. 6 and comes from the German blog iFun (through Cult of Mac) who cites a " very credible and serious source." Some think is too early and perhaps the iPhone announcement could happen at that time, among other new Apple products. In other words, release date and announcement date aren't the same thing, and don't always have to be a week apart like they traditionally have.


Cult of Mac also talks of not one new iPhone but two new iPhones, leaving the possibility of an iPhone 5s release date and the introduction of the cheaper model known as the iPhone lite.

A new report from ETNews is suggesting that the iPhone 5s would mark the end of the iPhone 5, meaning that once the iPhone5s release date happens, no new iPhone 5 models will remain in production. It also introduces the idea of the iPhone lite, which presumably would be the long-rumored cheap iPhone that everyone has been talking about. As a general rule, Apple continues production of two generations of older iPhones even when newer models come out. This would mean a clean break with every new iPhone and a drawing of a line in the sand.


iPhone 5s Specs Rumors

The potential iPhone 5s specs include faster LTE connection speeds, a 4” IGZO display screen, a faster iPhone 5s with 2GB of RAM and a faster A6 chip than current models, NFC or near field communication that would allow you to use your iPhone 5s like a credit card as well as a paper ticket at events, a liquidmetal casing and the fingerprint scanner that could slow down the iPhone 5s release date.


DetroitBORG, a.k.a. Michael Kukielka, shows the new iPhone Lite as an alternate to the iPhone 5s, in his video with a casing from the new iPhone.


The iPhone lite is a controversial iPhone rumor, because a lot of naysayers think that Apple wouldn't "cannibalize" sales of higher-priced iPhones with a lower cost phone. This argument has always been complete nonsense.


Apple did exactly this with the iPod, and it didn't affect iPod sales, they actually grew over time, and people still bought higher-priced models while others bought lower-priced versions. The same argument was made against the iPad Mini ahead of its announcement. Also, emerging markets in Asia and other parts of the world is a largely untapped audience, and it's better to offer an iPhone price that emerging markets can afford than to risk being counted out of large groups of people. Not everyone will pay for the high-end phone, and if they're not buying iPhones, it falls behind.


So which new iPhone do you want to buy? Will you go for the high-end iPhone 5s, or is that more than you want and will you buy an iPhone lite?


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