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Rdio And Live Nation Are Streaming Music At LiveNation.com

Rdio And Live Nation Are Streaming Music At LiveNation.com


By: Corey Tate
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July 28, 2013


Rdio and Live Nation are now working together to bring the Rdio streaming music  experience to LiveNation.com, as the beginning of what could bloom into a much bigger effort. Imagine the concert experience that Live Nation goes for and the streaming music experience that Rdio makes happen, and you have the start of a natural partnering: Rdio and Live Nation working to live stream events and shows like music festivals.

To be clear, neither Live Nation or Rdio have said anything about live stream music being part of the agreement, but they will sponsor live events organized by Live Nation, providing phone-charging stations and other promotions yet to be announced. On tap so far is the Sasquatch Festival and country music festivals Faster Horses and Watershed. I would LOVE to see them do a live stream of next year's Sasquatch Festival, wouldn't you?

Right now the only thing that points in that direction is the cryptic blurb on the Rdio blog that reads “We will be Live Nation’s official sponsor on LiveNation.com and streaming sponsor at this year’s Faster Horses and Watershed country music festivals.”

So both sides benefit: Rdio has a new outlet to encourage people to subscribe to their service, and Live Nation gets to tap into the Rdio music library and allow users to preview music at LiveNation.com before buying tickets to shows. You could check out 30 second samples of an opening band, to help you decide whether or not to buy tickets to a show you want to see. If you sign up for an Rdio subscription, you could listen to complete songs.

“Marrying what we do with streaming and discovery, and promoting artists with live music, is a natural fit. A streaming service like Rdio and live concerts can be a virtuous circle,” said Rdio CEO Drew Larner said in an interview with Bloomberg.

Rdio is also partnering with Shazam and SoundHound, according to Billboard, and it's this kind of joint effort that's helping Rdio to expand.



They'll also offer day-after concert set lists, with the ability to listen to a playlist of songs from the show you saw the night before -- so if you dug a song but didn't know the name, you can go out and buy that song or relive the experience with the set list. It's a good idea, I can't believe someone hasn't thought of it before.




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