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Watch Rogue Wave - “College” - Video

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July 31, 2013

A new video from indie pop band Rogue Wave for the song "College," off of their album Nightingale Floors. The band gets medieval on us by showing a weekend warrior social thing where people retreat to the woods and pretend that World of Warcraft is really real. A love story ensues, then everyone jams with the band. Just like WoW, right?

Nightingale Floors follows after the death of Zach Rogue's father, but rather than have the album be about dealing with the death Zach and band chose to use Nightingale Floors to look at the good things in life, instead of focusing on death.

“Everyone has drama in their life. Everyone’s experienced life and death and injury. Maybe us a little bit more, I don’t know. I’ve always joked with Pat: ‘Everything is trying to kill us, but we’re still here,’” said Zach about the band's intent.

From here on out, it's looking forward not backward: “The thing I like about the new album is I can envision playing all of the songs live. For Permalight, it was like, ‘How will we do this?’ That’s not a good sign. For this, it’s like, ‘How are we going to play all of them?’ And that’s exciting.”


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