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New Music From Daedelus: Drown Out Happens On Anticon This Fall

New Music From Daedelus: Drown Out Happens On Anticon This Fall

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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July 31, 2013

Los Angeles beatastic innovator Daedelus is readying his latest effort: a new full-length album called Drown Out which arrives on Sept. 17 on Anticon Records. The album was made in the aftermath of two deaths of close people, and will be an album of introspection. It's his debut album for Anticon, check out the first track below with "Paradiddle."

“Everyone deals with death and departure in their own way. For me, it started to stew and manifest itself in sound. Almost ridiculous to try to express because of how jagged it feels, it’s easier to face through music. There was a longing to express myself louder then the grief. This is the album that I needed to make.”

"Music can be this ultimate form of poetry—a place to express huge ideas and a whole range of emotion in a few minutes. But it can fall short because no one can quite share in the experience as much as you feel yourself. Someone can empathize, but your melancholy ultimately rests in you. Title the songs, name the album, but the music is what speaks in the end," said Daedelus.

“I want the sound to be an emotion. When there’s a sample it should relate the subject material. No matter if it’s a little obtuse at times; the feelings are so murky.”




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