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iPhone 5s Release Date Slips, But Features A September Date

iPhone 5s Release Date Slips, But Features A September Date


By: Corey Tate
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August 4, 2013

The iPhone 5s release date is slipping, since the iPhones components are hard to find. It looks like you can buy a new Apple iPhone 5s with a release date towards the end of September. We’ll go over the latest iPhone 5s features and rumors, with a list of things likely to be included in this release.


iPhone 5S Release Date

The iPhone 5s release date might be impacted setbacks in the production of different components. It's not clear whether this will affect the release date of the new iPhone, or whether it will make it available in limited supply after the iPhone 5s release date . KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said "While shipments forecasts may still grow sharply in 4Q13, we are concerned iPhone 5s may face the same problem as its predecessor, namely that by the time supply matures, demand will already have waned, hurting shipments."

It stems from the idea that as the new Apple iPhone gets shipped around from factory to factory for various components to be installed, slowdowns in one area hold up the line in others. Add supply chain issues with buying individual iPhone 5s components and you've got a hot logistical mess. Apple Insider thinks that this might impact the new iPhone 5s release date looking towards the end of September as a tentative date.

iPhone 5s Release Date Slips, But Features A September Date

Image from AuthenTec

One of the late-breaking iPhone 5s release date rumors has been around the release of the new fingerprint sensor. 9to5Mac found iPhone 5s fingerprint sensor evidence in the iOS7, with something called "BiometricKitUI." Most believe is coming from AuthenTec, who Apple bought last year, and will be providing new fingerprint scanning technology that allows you to secure your new iPhone 5s by letting it scan your unique fingerprint. How this will play out in a post-NSA scandal environment is shakey, when people are increasingly getting nervous about privacy. IBTimes suggests that the "S" in iPhone 5s stands for secure, which could mean Apple is trying to get the new  iPhone 5s in on the corporate and enterprise world and take BlackBerry and Android head on.

Still, some are not as sold on the idea that people will go out in droves to buy an iPhone. The buying might wait for the new iPhone 6 according to analyst Peter Misrek, who said "we believe high-end smartphone saturation is extending replacement cycles and that many will skip the 5S and wait for the iPhone 6." Which would pretty much make the current iPhone 5s release date meaningless for a lot of people.

There's also the "cheap" iPhone theory that refuses to die, lovingly being called the iPhone C (cheap or color). 9to5Mac notes the Apple CEO Tim Cook was back in China recently to talk to Chinese carriers, citing a local Chinese report.


iPhone 5s Features

iPhone 5s features that are likely  include the fingerprint scanner that could slow down the iPhone 5s release date,  NFC or near field communication, a 4” IGZO display screen, improved LTE connection speeds, 2GB of RAM and a faster A6 chip, NFC or near field communication and  a liquidmetal case. Some of these are natural assumptions that things like RAM and A6 chip speeds get faster with each release, as do LTE connection speeds. Also look out for the new Apple iOS7 and iTunes Radio, as well a big update for Siri.
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