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Spotify Added 2 New Features For Curated And Social Music

Spotify Added 2 New Features For Curated And Social Music Playlists


By: Corey Tate
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August 6, 2013


The streaming music service Spotify has added a new music curation tool to its service, with all new curated and user-generated playlists based around your daily activities. They've also added an instant chat feature for you to have real time online conversations with friends and like-minded music peeps about the music you're listening to.

If this sounds familiar, it's because it's the long-told promise of Jimmy Iovine's MOG-turned Daisy streaming music service, with help from curators like Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. GigaOm is making this reference as well, saying "Spotify is going to get competition from Beats Music, the music subscription service that’s being developed by Jimmy Iovine’s and Dr. Dre’s Beats Audio. And Beats Music’s big point of differentiation is human curation. Beats Music has hired a number of music experts to program playlists based on moods, genres and artists to help listeners find something to play after they’ve run out of band names to search for."

This was dropped by Jimmy Iovine back at the AllThingsD conference in February, saying "There is a sea of music, an ocean of music and absolutely no curation for it. You friends can't curate for you. No one knows what song comes next. Apple knows a lot about your music taste. Google knows a lot, and Facebook. But no one is using it to curate."

Spotify knows this, and is trying to get the early jump on Daisy. I'm sure we'll see this from other streaming music services like Rdio and Rhapsody as well. 2013 is supposed to kick of the year of curated music as the hot new thing in streaming music, taking over from the largely failed social music initiatives of the past two years. Users found that they didn't really share the same music preferences of their friends, even though they may overlap on a few songs and bands. They found that music is more personal than social, and so the social media and streaming services found that those initiatives fell short of expectations. So it's on to next big  thing.

The new instant chat feature from Spotify feature is maybe a nice bridging of the two initiatives, since users can connect with people with similar music tastes rather than just people in your social circles.
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