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Infographic: Digital Music Ecosystem With YouTube, MP3 Download, iTunes and More

Infographic: Digital Music Ecosystem With YouTube, MP3 Download,  iTunes and More


By: Corey Tate
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June 14, 2013


We recently looked back to see what the digital music and music tech world was like in 2007, compare that to what we see see here: not only does this infographic break out the scene into cloud music, MP3 download music retailers, streaming radio and streaming music services and more. Some players have shown unbelievable resilience: Pandora Radio, Rhapsody, Myspace, YouTube, AmazonMP3, Napster (the longplayer) and iTunes have all stood the test of time. Others are newer players, like Grooveshark, Vevo and jango all entered the scene later than others.

Still, this does a nice breakout of the different categories to give us a better view from 30,000 feet at what digital music has shaped up into over the years. Some focus on your personal library of ownership, some are rental / membership services for streaming access, some are not consumer-based and focus on industry services. We've come a long way since "the Shawns" gave us late-night downloads with the OG Napster, but we still have a long way to go.


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