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Big Data: Spotify & Free MP3 Downloads Are Used Less Than Streaming Radio

Big Data: Spotify & Free MP3 Downloads Are Used Less Than Streaming Radio


By: Corey Tate
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August 14, 2013


This is data mining at its juiciest: about 20% of Americans are listening to music via mobile phones this year, up from half of that last year. This includes mobile phone users listening to streaming radio from online-only radio stations, as well as streaming music services like Spotify, Rhapsody, Mog or Pandora Radio. This is expected to increase (which is not surprising) over the next three years to around a third. This is not quickly enough for the artists who are trying to make a living off of their music and are caught in between the phases of digital music growth right now. These numbers also include paid and free MP3 downloads that are resident on the phone or a cloud-based streaming music player.

Streaming radio is different beast though, as more Americans seem comfortable with streaming radio that might also include AM and FM radio stations, as well as the previously mentioned online-only players above. This would also include listening via a computer or car-based component. Almost half of all Americans are streaming radio this year, and that number is expected to increase at a slower rate than online-only mobile use. Still, by 2015 streaming radio will represent 168.4 million people  compared to about 91 million online-only mobile listeners.

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