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Apple Unveils "Live Listen" Before New iPhone 5s Release

Apple Unveils "Live Listen" Before New iPhone 5s Release


By: Corey Tate
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August 18, 2013


If you're excited for the upcoming launch of iTunes Radio, get more excited: Apple has filed a patent for a concept called live listening, and it's easy to see how this could tie into iTunes Radio. With the upcoming new iPhone event in September, the timing of this patent weighs in on the iPhone 5s, the new iOS7 and iTunes Radio.

Let the rumor stage begin ...The Register considers how this could be “the ability for iTunes Radio to stream live concerts, either free of charge as a promotion for the band or artist performing, or for a fee that would be shared between the performers and Apple at its standard 30 per cent cut.”

iTunes Radio is also thought to be looking at live DJs as part of its approach, something that feeds in on the new wave for streaming music services: music curation. They've soured on the idea of "frictionless sharing" and making music social after a collective yawn from users of Spotify, Facebook, Rdio and everyone else who went all out to make music social. They're thinking that music is more personal than social, and are trying to find curators like Trent Reznor working with Jimmy Iovine on the upcoming MOG transformation into “Daisy” or “Beats Music.”

With that in mind, Apple's “live listen” patent could be for an iTunes Radio live stream that would allow a real time broadcast from a variety of live DJ channels, all with curated genres. This would be in addition to the customized iTunes Radio channels that work similar to Pandora Radio, allowing you to create stations based on an artist or song. This would make iPhone streaming a whole new experience when you include a refreshed version of the voice service Siri.

It's widely believed the Apple will introduce a new iPhone on Sept. 10 at the Apple event, and announce the iPhone 5s release date. iOS7 will be introduced at the same time, and if they follow last year's lead, they'll introduce a refreshed line of products including a new iPad, a new iPad mini and any other products and services that have been bubbling in the Apple rumor mill. These include the iWatch and a revamped idea of Apple TV, among others.

Here's what the “live listen” patent said it would be used for, via Patently Apple: “Computers; computer peripheral devices; handheld mobile digital electronic devices capable of providing access to the Internet and for the sending, receiving, and storing of telephone calls, faxes, electronic mail, and other digital data; sound recording and reproducing apparatus; radio transmitters, and receivers; audio amplifiers; audio receivers; earphones, headphones; audio speakers; microphones; audio components and accessories; wireless communication devices for voice, data or image transmission; computer software; electrical and electronic connectors, couplers, wires, cables, chargers, docks, docking stations, interfaces, adapters, accessories, parts, and fittings for all of the aforesaid goods; and covers.”
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