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Listen to Quasi - “See You On Mars” - Streaming Music

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August 19, 2013

Quasi are back, yo. The duo of Sam Coomes and Janet Weis are ready to release their next phase of a twenty-year experiment: Mole City, due out on Domino Records on Sept 30. Their new song “See You On Mars” is a spitfire hellshine sample of how they combine keyboards, crunched out guitar and Janet’s drums into a time warp of Rock and Roll good vibes.

Domino Records had this to say about the upcoming Quasi album "This is the music at an agnostic afterlife juke joint where lysergic teardrops are cried into sweating mugs of high octane hellfire, the bartender can see clear through to your every thought, fear and desire, the upright player’s head is locked into a guillotine, and the guys next to you are whispering conspiratorially about how to fix their time machine."


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