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Listen to Brazos - “Charm” (Justin Peroff Remix) - Free MP3 Download

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August 21, 2013

Martin Crane, now working under the name of Brazos, has been working his way through America's best musical cities to  keep extending his musical reach to new influences. The indie pop provacateur has a new song called "Charm," off of his album Saltwater on the Dead Oceans label. The remixed version above is the free MP3 download for today and is a good get-up-and-go track.

Brazos gained some influence while working in Austin, Texas and working under the name Martin Crane. He recorded his first album --- and went on to tour with Grizzly Bear, Shearwater, Vampire Weekend, The National, Iron & Wine, Wye Oak and Bowerbirds. When he got back to Austin though, he found a changed city, with friends that had moved and and little resonance left.

"Most of my good friends had moved away from Austin. I was working at a phone bank and hanging out in bars a lot. I'd lost touch with the meaningful things," he said.  So he moved to Brooklyn, where he reconnected with the vibe and cranked out  30 songs over the next two years.

So what city is next for Brazos? Hopefully he'll keep on keepin' on and connect the source for his next phase of songs. For today, we have the MP3 for "Charm" to listen to.


Listen to Brazos - “Charm” (Justin Peroff Remix) - Free MP3 Download


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