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Beats Music: The Curation Process Is Playlist Heavy

Beats Music: The Curation Process Is Playlist Heavy


By: Corey Tate
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August 26, 2013


The new Beats Music streaming music service is due to roll out sometime this year, it's the revamped version of the MOG streaming service that Beats bought and is working with people like Trent Reznor to create a music-curated experience.

Forbes said “It’s the listeners who will make or break the service, and they have to come first above the ego of the curator. There’s going to be a lot of competition in the streaming space soon with Apple’s iRadio rumored to launch next month, so Beats Music is only going to get one chance at getting this right.”

Tech site GigaOm recently weighed in on the process, saying "At the core of the Beats Music experience will be playlists created by both well-known musicians as well as music writers. Musicians are presumably given more of a carte blanche to compile playlists based on the music they personally like, but the company also contracted with a number of freelancers who have been compiling thousands of playlists on an assignment basis."

They also highlight some things from the Beats Music training manual, showing they don't want a college radio dj approach or a snarky insider's insider approach to curation. Check out some points in the training manual:

  • Avoid overly clever transitions or organizing principles that will be lost on the average listener (unless the playlist itself is geared toward connoisseurs).

  • Talking down to listeners is not desired. Avoid elitism.

  • Playlists should provide the best listening experience within a specific context.

We are definitely in days far beyond the days of the film High Fidelity. Check out the 90's approach to music curation/intimidation/masochism that an independent record store customer had to go through.

For kids who don't know what independent music stores are, they were these cool places in the eighties and nineties where people bought cool underground music in the days before the web. :)
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