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Arcade Fire Instagram Confirms: The New Album Is Called Reflektor, More On 9/9

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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August 27, 2013

In the continuing saga that has been the Arcade Fire Instagram and worldwide photo release of the Reflektor series of images and diagrams from around the world comes another big milestone: confirmation that it is indeed Arcade Fire and their new album is indeed called Reflektor. Who knew that was coming?


There have been recurring news stories that have appeared online during the progress of image releases, the newest one (above) confirms the band, album, and reups the 9/9/9 date, which is September 9th at 9:00 PM. The big guess so far is that it will be the first song to arrive from the Reflektor album. That's about two weeks out, and it's a Tuesday ... so put a reminder on your mobile phone, or wait for the web to overflow with news stories and social media blasts about the new Arcade Fire song.


Arcade Fire worked with James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem, DFA Records) as producer, and James recently said “I’m too in the middle of it to know which way it will go in the end. But it’s going to be a fantastic record” at a session at the Red Bull Music Academy. Watch the full appearance here.



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