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Arcade Fire New Album Watch: Music & Video To Drop TODAY  

Arcade Fire New Album Watch: Music & Video To Drop TODAY

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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September 9, 2013

Today is the day: 9/9 a.k.a. Arcade Fire day, or the day new Arcade Fire Album Reflektor gets it first sample with a new song delivered in a video directed by Anton Corbijn. Over the weekend, a  teaser video surfaced online (see below) and showed highlights from what's presumably the new video. There was even talk of a David Bowie collaboration on Reflektor as well ... although time will have to tell us if that's really true or not. SO GET READY -- today is Arcade Fire Day and the web will be flooded with the goods.

They've even been releasing what looks like shots from the video and have updated the Arcade Fire website:

Here's what we know so far: what looks the cover of the new album or the new single surfaced online (above), although it might just be a parody. There's a number of Arcade Fire release events scheduled and you can check them out at www.thereflektors.com/9pm99/

The release date for the new album is Oct. 29 according the Arcade Fire Twitter, and they’re officially talking about it on their website, as well as the new Reflektor web site. They’ve been running images all Summer on the Arcade Fire Instagram, with the 9/9 date and the Reflektor symbol. There’s no word on an Arcade Fire tour or tickets being sold just yet, but last time they toured for about two years. Reflektor should sport another giant tour.

Arcade Fire worked with James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem, DFA Records) as producer, and James recently said “I’m too in the middle of it to know which way it will go in the end. But it’s going to be a fantastic record” at a session at the Red Bull Music Academy. Watch the full appearance here.


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