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Listen to Helado Negro - “Detroit” + “Stop Living Dead” - Free MP3 Download

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September 9, 2013

Helado Negro seems like he cranks this stuff out in his sleep ... which is to say that his music is so good that he makes it look easy. In addition to his album Invisible Life, which was released earlier this year, he has a new EP out called Island Universe Story Two.


The song "Enters" is the standout here, which coincidentally isn't available as a free MP3 download, but only as a stream. Buy the album! "Enters" is a fast and furious little workout of hyper-fast keyboard movements and electro dub-style vocals. It's fantastic. The MP3 songs for download are "Stop Living Dead," "Las Preguntas" and "Detroit," all good in their own right.

Check out the full Island Universe Story Two on Asthmatic Kitty. He released his Invisible Life album earlier this year, which you can check out here.

Asthmatic Kitty calls Island Universe Two "the second in an ongoing series of EPs from Roberto Lange, a.k.a. Helado Negro. Not designed to “tease” or “build up to” or kill time between the Helado Negro albums, these releases shadow the LPs, moving darkly alongside them—and, like a shadow, may be more easily described by what they aren’t than what they are."

”It’s a parallel to the continuum of the album,” explains Lange. They’re ”something next to the albums, on kind of their own timeline,” a second stream, offering an alternate glimpse into Helado Negro’s ongoing process. This is more of what I do. I’m really making music every day,” said Roberto Lange.

Which is why the album is fading out of context, and that might be a good thing. What we get is an ongoing release of music that tells a bigger tale than Dark Side of the Moon or any other epic album from the previous century. Music today is impervoius, continuous, and glorious ...




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