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Listen to Sebadoh - Defend Yourself (Full Album) - Free Streaming Music

Listen to Sebadoh - Defend Yourself (Full Album) - Free Streaming Music

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September 9, 2013

Sebadoh are releasing an entire new album of material next week, and the current Sebadoh lineup includes Lou Barlow, Jason Loewenstein, and Bob D'Amico but not Eric Gaffney who was with the band at their most creative period. The new Sebadoh album is titled Defend Yourself, and is streaming as a full album at NPR Music.

They compare old Sebadoh VS new Sebadoh, saying that Lou Barlow has "been writing exquisite breakup songs for decades now. The heartbreak here does feel more specific than the generalized ache of songs like Sebadoh's 20-year-old gem "," but the music that surrounds him feels especially lively. Outside of "Let It Out," a frank and lovely dirge about life pre- and post-divorce, Defend Yourself rarely lets gloom dominate entirely."

Sebadoh ages like Trent Reznor does over time -- they lose some of the angst, calm down a little bit, and get more introspective as they grow a little happier.


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