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Listen to Daedelus - “Music Concrete” - Free Streaming Music

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September 10, 2013

From his Daedelusness, a serious and intense track called "Music Concrete." It's off his upcoming album Drown Out on Anticon Records, and is a great example of how great electronic music is interesting to listen to because of the sonic modulations and variations in sound as much as the rhythm.

Daedelus offers this in the way of explanations for Music Concrete: "The title, a play on the term for found sound features Chris Alfaro (of Free The Robots) and Phil Nisco skateboarding. I find the noise of which is speed incarnate. The sidewalk's texture, ollies and grinds, all evocative of a controlled fall. The track is that, barely holding on, crashing along, but also unabashedly free."

The album Drown Out was made in the aftermath of two deaths of close people, and will be an album of introspection. It's his debut album for Anticon, check out the first track "Paradiddle."


Listen to Daedelus - “Music Concrete” | Streaming Music | Free



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