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Nirvana Talks "Forgotten Tune" In An Interview  

Nirvana Talks "Forgotten Tune" In An Interview

By: Spacelab Research Staff
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September 12, 2013

Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has revealed some insights into the unreleased song "Forgotten Tune," which is included in the upcoming reissue of In Utero. Speaking with NPR's All Songs Considered, Krist said that the song was a relic from the songwriting days of 1988, prior to the band's’ major label success.

Krist Novoselic said"Well, "Forgotten Tune," we found it and were like, what is this song? And I don't really remember. And [we were], like, what do you want to call it? And I'm like, I don't want to give it a name, so let's just call it "Forgotten Tune" and let people make up their own minds what it is."

You can check out part of what "Forgotten Tune" sounds like by clicking thorugh to the All Songs Considered Story and and listening the long form of the show. The play part of "Forgotten Tune" to end the show. It sounds reminiscent of Bleach-era days of Nirvana.

"But I remember the main riff in that tune was, like, from 1988 or something. Just trying to, like, bring back a riff. "All Apologies" was from 1990, and "Dumb" was a pre-Nevermind song. "Pennyroyal Tea," [Dave] and Kurt were getting crazy some night down in that apartment with a multi-track cassette recorder, and "Pennyroyal Tea" came out of that. It's just kind of, like, there were new songs we were trying to revisit, old ideas ... "Forgotten Tune" just represents that idea. "Let's see if we can make something out of this."

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