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Wavves on Conan O'Brien - Video


By: Corey Tate
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September 14, 2013


Hey! It's a more grown-up and less stoned Wavves. The band showed up on Conan O'Brien to play the songs Nine is God and Afraid Of Heights. The performance was OK, a less spectacular recreation of 311 and the California surf-pop-punk-indie wake that's followed over the past decade. Somehow the California punk surf and turf scene has lost its vibrance and live energy in recent years, opting for more staid performances in the middle ground of un-enthusiasm in place of rocking out on chaos and unpredictable energy.

To be fair, this is a cable TV audience that has more mainstream expectations, but anyone taking a page from the Saturday Night Live playbook realizes that the key to creating a buzz on national to TV (especially as a punk-influenced band) is to literally freak out on the live stage and unbottle the punk energy that drives the music. Does anybody remember Nirvana? The Sex Pistols?

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