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Twitter #Music Gets a New Spotify App, Twitter a New Android App

Twitter #Music Gets a New  Spotify App, Twitter a New Android App


By: Corey Tate
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September 16, 2013


In a strange connection of social media apps and streaming music apps, Twitter has launched their Twitter #Music app as Spotify app inside of Spotify. If it all sounds confusing, it basically means you can now experience everything that Twitter #Music has to offer inside of Spotify, without leaving Spotify.

You get the full on experience, with exposure to the different Twitter #Music channels: 1) "Popular" for the most played artists, 2) "Emerging" for independent and underground music that's rising in popularity, 3) "Suggested" that's based on the music you've listened to the most in the past, 4) #NowPlaying based on the music that people you follow have shared and 5) "Me" for only artists you follow. It's the same experience you get at music.twitter.com, and has a clean visual layout.

Also in Twitter news, they’re upgrading their Android app, with a beta version out right now and the full-on new version coming in the future. According to The Verge, "The app is listed as version 5.0, and completely ditches the old tabbed layout for a sliding panel menu. It's still possible to swipe between columns for Home, Notifications, Messages, and your profile, but instead of only four columns, the app now has seven. The three new columns are dedicated to Activity, Trending, and finding new people to follow on the service."

So this is the game for streaming music services and social media as we roll into 2014: roll out your thing as not only a web destination like music.twitter.com, but also get into as many of the other big tents as possible. Android, iPhone and iPad, Windows Phone, in the browser, as a desktop app ... Same with Twitter. Cross-saturation and pollination is the only way for a streaming music service and social media to get noticed in an increasingly fragmented and noisy landscape.


With a million apps arriving every ... well, right now, the best way for them stay relevant is to stay in front of people.

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