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Twitter #Music Playlists Are Now On Rdio

Twitter #Music Playlists Are Now On Rdio


By: Corey Tate
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September 16, 2013


Twitter #Music is oh so hot right now. With the recent news of the Twitter #music / Spotify app and new Android app, today we get also get confirmation that Rdio will include no less than 15 Rdio Playlists that come from big data on Twitter #Music.

Some of the new Rdio playlists include: rock chart, electronic chart, alternative chart, folk chart, unearthed chart, metal chart, RNB chart, dance chart, and emerging chart.


These playlists will be "live" in the sense that they're constantly updating with the social media flow. Anyone who uses Twitter knows that the news feed-style of delivery is a live and ever-changing set of trends, and people on Rdio get to tap into that.


This is another example of of a trend I was talking about earlier today: social media and streaming music apps are finding more ways than ever to cross-pollinate their services in an attempt to stay in front of people in an over-crowded space.


I'm personally holding out for Rdio to do a Spotify app, and Spotify playlists in Rdio, but that might reaching too far. :)



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