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Spacelab Retrograde: The Replacements - Tim


By: Corey Tate
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September 19, 2013


One of the best times to catch a band is right before their breakthrough to commercial success. The band is at the height of their songwriting ability, before being tainted by the major label machine. Tim by the Replacements is one of those albums, with the music leading to an eventual major signing. The band is completely on for most of the songs on Tim and it's arguably their best album. It was also Bob Stinson's last album, before his infamous removal from the band.

The Replacements were one of the reasons I moved to Minneapolis. I figured a city that produced a band as genuine and good as them couldn't be bad. Although the band was largely over by that point, everything that's good about The Replacements holds true of the city. The songs on Tim are about not wanting to move forward as a responsible adult, something anyone in their twenties can resonate with.

Album opener “Hold My Life” sets that vibe with the lyric “Hold my life, until I'm ready to use it.” “Kiss Me On the Bus” and “Swinging Party” are classic Americana and Rock and Roll, mixed with the post-punk sound that was emerging at the time as Alternative Music. “Waitress In The Sky” was the band’s patented sarcasm and mockery on display: “A reunion flight attendant my oh my, you ain’t nothin’ but a waitress in the sky.”

“Left of the Dial” talks about the concept of music on FM radio at the time, the right side of the dial was for mainstream music and the farther left on the FM dial you went, the more eclectic and interesting the music became. The Replacements completely emodied that idea with their take being that they were even left of the FM radio dial.

Their lyrics of alienation were always paired with a positive outlook, something that made for a complex song style. It’s hard to not enjoy this album, there’s an always-on party vibe to go with a Rock and Roll, honky-tonk, rockabilly post-punk and alternative style.



The Replacements - Tim Tracklist

Hold My Life – 0:00
I'll Buy – 4:21
Kiss Me On The Bus – 7:46
Dose Of Thunder – 10:41
Waitress In The Sky – 13:00
Swingin' Party – 15:03
Bastards Of Young – 18:55
Lay It Down Clown – 22:33
Left Of The Dial – 24:57
Little Mascara – 28:42
Here Comes A Regular – 32:19


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Spacelab Retrograde: The Replacements - Tim

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