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Spacelab Weekend: Calexico Interview


By: Corey Tate
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September 21, 2013


Calexico ... the classic sounding band uses influences like Latin, Mariachi, Afro-Peruvian, Portuguese fado and 50s / 60s jazz to create a unique sound that has no rival. How many bands can we really compare to Calexico? In this interview, Joey Burns and John Convertino and go over the wide array of instruments that Calexico uses and why they're important in a band like Calexico, how they got into soundtracks and their collaboration with Iron & Wine came to be. Check out an interview set amongst their music.

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Calexico Interview Playlist
01 - Gypsy’s Curse Calexico Quarterstick
02 - Over Your Shoulder Calexico Quarterstick
03 - Service & Repair Calexico Quarterstick
04 - Ballad Of Cable Hogue Calexico Quarterstick
05 - Clothes Of Sand Calexico Quarterstick
06 - Alone Again Or Calexico City Slang
07 - I Wish I Was The Moon Neko Case Matador
08 - Boyle Gets Dressed Calexico Pale Blue
09 - Not Even Stevie Nicks... Calexico Quarterstick
10 - Burnin’ Down The Spark Nancy Sinatra Sanctuary
11 - A History Of Lovers Calexico and Iron & Wine Overcoat
12 - Girls Hauschka 130701
13 - Letter To Bowie Knife Calexico Quarterstick
14 - Inspiracion Calexico Quarterstick
15 - Puerto Calexico Anti-
16 - The Vanishing Mind Calexico Anti-

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Spacelab Weekend: Daedelus Live at Brainfeeder Sessions, Fabric

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