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Vinyl VS Digital: This Is Why Amazon Online Wins

Vinyl VS Digital: This Is Why Amazon Online Wins

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Today's nexus of digital and analog music is shown in this infographic from the Amazon Store, showing online vinyl records sales. The back story here is that vinyl is thriving compared to where it used to be, but only accounts for a small part of overall music sales (2% overall).

Still, the music-buying public loves them some vinyl, as vinyl sales are up 745% in the past five years and have steadily grown year over year. Some people attribute this to the ability to take advantage of the Amazon Store's "auto rip" feature, which lets you buy and download today, while the shipping of your vinyl record begins. The best of both analog and digital worlds, eh? Sure, you could hit the Amazon MP3 Store, but why buy one when you can buy two at the same price! It's consumer nirvana!


Click on the inforgraphic for a larger view.


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