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September 23, 2013

Deep house producer Fort Romeau (a.k.a. Michael Greene) does double time between two music projects: his Fort Romeau alias and as a keyboardist / session musician for indietronic band La Roux. Fort Romeau is his main gig though, and the Boiler Room mix he's put together shows why that's so. It's todays free MP3 download, and comes from a London Boiler Room gig from the end of August. The best part of of what Fort Romeaux does is create music that's listenable as well as danceable -- providing the kind of headphone soundtrack for your workday, exercise session or as you travel around town.

It's like the culmination of all the things I like about electronic dance music — and that really is to say, everything I like about music. I guess it's house because it's mostly 4/4, and I guess it references Chicago because there's that emphasis on deep, lush, a bit lo-fi, but I wouldn't want people to think that it's somehow contrived, because I actually feel it's a very honest representation of how I see music and the things I'm drawn to” he told SPIN when talking about his sound.


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