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Robert Pollard Has A New Album, Says He Just Figured Out “How To Write A Song”

Robert Pollard Has A New Album, Says He Just Figured Out “How To Write A Song”

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It comes as no surprise that Robert Pollard is releasing a new album. In his long and storied career as a member of Guided By Voices and also his own solo efforts, the man has literally been machine-like in cranking out indie rock music with amazing prolificness.

What IS amazing is that he feels like he just now figured out how to write a song. He's used various improvisational techniques over the years to create music, but poppa's got a brand new bag when he comes to his creative approach now. According to press materials for the new album, he uses his patented notebook method to collect ideas, but this time around:

"He first collects — in the (figuratively) selfsame notebook — phrases and titles, bits of overheard conversation, snatches of misheard movie dialogue, thus providing an assortment of lines all of which he considers strong enough to serve as potential song titles. He then assembles these song titles into lyrics, which because each line is strong enough to stand on its own, contain neither bloat nor the least misstep."

Then he writes the music to fit that. So everybody's probably wondering how this new method worked out? Take a listen yourself with the excellent song “Tonight's The Rodeo” below. It's off the new Robert Pollard album Blazing Gentlemen, which arrives on Dec. 10 via GBV Inc Records.


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