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September 30, 2013

If you're looking for interesting offshoot to the music of Dirty Projectors, check out music from Nat Baldwin. He's the bassist in the band, and has been quietly releasing songs in the run-up to a new full-length album that's due out next year. The music is the demo versions from his Most Valuable Player EP, which was released previously but has found new life on Soundcloud with the label surfacing songs. This time around, it's “Lake Erie” and it's today's free MP3 download.

It includes vocals from David Longstreth and arrives after he recently released "Look She Said" as another free MP3 download. His new album will be released via Western Vinyl next year. The label describes the action behind how the Most Valuable Player EP happened:

"The demo album, titled Dome Branches, features Nat's bandmate from Dirty Projectors, David Longstreth on guitar and electronics, Djim Reynolds on guitar, Nathan Horton on drums, Tim Keiper on drums, Matt Bauder on Clarinets, Jessica Pavone on viola.  Throughout these demos, there's a remarkable raw energy stemming at least in part from the fact that Nat hadn't performed any of the material live yet, and Longstreth hadn't heard the songs before, so his guitar parts were made up on the spot."


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