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September 30, 2013

The Austin Psych Fest is a gathering of the tribes for noisy, reverbed and psychedelic modern rock. It's a way out time and one of the best events in Austin. The Reverberation Appreciation Society is a recording label put together by the same people that bring us the infamous Austin Psych Fest. They put out great Psych-Fest-like music on the label, like the music of Night Beats. Check out the stream of their song “Sonic Bloom,” which is off of the album of the same name.

Night Beats came together when Danny Lee "Blackwell" moved from Dallas to Seattle and wanted to start out a band. He's mixing Texas psychedelic rock, blues, folk, early R&B  and soul as a template that rich and diverse. It's deeper and more subtle than your average band cashing in on the garage rock wave that's been happening in recent years in southern California and around the US.

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Listen to Night Beats - “Sonic Bloom” - Free Streaming Music

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