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By: Corey Tate
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October 1, 2013


Shark attack! Brooklyn-based alternative band Shark? have a great new song called "This Is Living," which is an interesting and biting/mocking take on "the daily grind" that most Americans call making a living. It's today's free MP3 download. If the lyrics sound deadpan, it's because they're supposed to. I've served hard time in corporate America, and as joking as the band's take is on corporate America, I have say I took part in and overheard an awful lot of conversations and situations like the ones in the song.

I can just picture the office drones in the song going to the so called "water cooler" and fraternizing around TV shows they watched last night (in their short but brief "recess" from work). Check out the lyrics, which is a quick study of typical office blather:

Another day chained to a desk

Nothing interesting to say

No I don't want any cake

Well OK, one small bite

Did you see that show last night

The one where everyone got shot

It was on right after House

I don't know I liked it

This Is Living is off of the Shark? album Savior, which is out today on Old Flame Records and includes music on the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack.


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