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Amazon Rolls Out New Kindle HDX With X-Ray For Music

Amazon Rolls Out New Kindle HDX With X-Ray For Music

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Amazon launched its new tablet: the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX with its new OS called Amazon Kindle Fire OS 3.0 “Mojito.” They also rolled out a new Kindle Fire HD. For people that use the Kindle or even just the Amazon Cloud Player to listen to music online, this is a good chance to tap into the features in one centralized ecosystem of products for  music and video streaming / movie streaming services or rent movies online.

The Amazon music player upgrades include the new X-Ray for music, which expands on their X-Ray for Movies & TV to let you dig deeper into a song experience. X-Ray for Movies & TV lets you find out actors on screen at anytime, dig into the movies background and find out what other movies they're in. It uses the IMDB to pull data and display it in the Mojito environment.


X-Ray for Music is pretty shallow at this point -- it only lets you see the song lyrics move in real time with the song, but we can expect that this is only the beginning and that Amazon will expand functionality in future releases. As far as music websites and cloud computing companies like Amazon web services go, we’ve barely even begun our journey.

It works nicely with the Amazon Cloud Player for your music. Their online description tells the tale: "Music you buy from Amazon is instantly available on all your devices—buy on your Kindle Fire and listen right away with the Cloud Player app on your phone or your computer. Or, add your entire music collection to Amazon Cloud Player and start listening as soon as your Kindle Fire arrives. Just tap Music on the home screen of your Kindle Fire to manage your collection, play your music, or download it for offline playback."

Amazon Rolls Out New Kindle HDX With X-Ray For Music


Other interesting features of note:

  • The Mayday button, which gives you immediate access to online help via an actual person, 24x7
  • Second screen option to display your screen on a TV. This catches Amazon up with Google's new Chromecast and Apple AirPlay
  • It’s superfast and comparable with anything Apple or Android, there's also a high quality hi-def display at 1920x1200 resolution with a pixel density of 323 PPI

Find out more Amazon itself, they have a whole section of their website dedicated to the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX at www.amazon.com/hdx



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Amazon Rolls Out New Kindle HDX With X-Ray For Music

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